Sunday, September 04, 2011


All is quiet around the apartment this morning. Too quiet, actually. For some reason or another I can'tseem to get going; I feel "blah" overall and am deeply fatigued, despite the solid sleep last night. The usual three cups of coffee have only been of limited benefit and I'm tempted to put on another pot, which I'll probably do in a bit. First up is a brisk walk around the neighborhood to see if that clears out the physical and mental fog plaguing me this morning.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recent Events

What an eventful last few days. I returned from Honduras last Thursday and was immediately swept up into the drama that was Hurricane Irene (which included working the weekend), battled a wretched summer cold (from which I'm just now beginning to recover), and today sorted out everything needed for classes which also began this week. At this rate, I'm going to soon need another vacation.

I went to Honduras earlier this month to celebrate my birthday with some friends there.  The main event was a fiesta complete with lots of traditional foods and entertainment provided by a mariachi band that lived up to their reputation of being one of the better ones in the Copan area (partly due to their hotshot accordian player being both present and sober). Friends wanted it to be a memorable occasion and they certainly succeeded. What a wonderful way to spend ones 21st, 30th35th, 40th birthday.


Over a year since my last post. Remarkable just how quickly time passes....

At any rate, all is well with me. A few changes have occurred since my last update which I may get around to discussing at some point in the near future....