Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Begins

Ahhhh. The Memorial Day holiday. The official start of summer fun. The incessant laughter and high-pitched squeals of small children playing in the pool next door brings to mind this song....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A New Dawn

Having had a late night out with family and some friends, I allowed myself to sleep in a bit this morning, finally crawling out of bed at the ungodly late hour of 8am as opposed to the usual 5:30-6am time frame. I was slighly out of sorts when I first woke due to last night's alochol, but after copious amounts water and coffee I'm feeling back to normal, or at least very nearly so. In a bit I'll ready myself to foray to the parent's house for a Mother's Day cookout, which is the primary activity on today's agenda.

Yesterday proved to be highly productive in terms of the issue mentioned in my last post (the "control my life and not have my life control me" thing). A good portion of the day was spent evaluating this issue, which included reviewing daily journals and diaries and giving serious consideration as to patterns that are so much more apparrent when documented in such a format than, say, via memory alone. To say that the endeavor was a real eye-opener is a bit of an understatement. I've long been convinced that the task of daily journal keeping, though at times mundane and tedious, has merit which was confirmed during yesterday's evaluation process. But at any rate, the key point I want to make here is this: a number of key factors were identified, from which I was able to develop a work plan (or road map, if you will) to regain control of my life. I cannot begin to describe the peace of mind, the excitement, the determination I now have. It's a new dawn, a new chapter of my life beginning to open as long as I maintain the discipline necessary to see the endeavor through to a happy conclusion.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday blurb

Been up for about an hour and am working my way through the third cup of coffee. Not much on the day's agenda other than some assorted chores (laundry...yay!) and such. There is a pronounced need to go to the office to do some things today, but for once I don't see that happening. I've worked the last few Saturdays and want this one to be my own.

The need to claim today as my own is symbolic of a much larger issue going on in my life. My traditional iron discipline has slipped and I feel as though I'm letting things control me and not the other way around as it should be. This has been vexing me for quite some time and it has finally gotten to the point that I have to say no more. So beginning today I'm putting into effect a more vigorous attempt at being in control of my hours, my days, my ultimate destiny.