Sunday, August 14, 2005

Afternoon Coffee

Enjoying a very strong cup of coffee whilst I relax a bit from today's research (both fieldwork followed by the lab work). Both went well, though the field component took longer than usual due to running into my advisor and two of her other graduate students at the preserve. Even this was productive in the sense that we decided on an appropriate class for me this fall: Parasitology Lab Techniques, which is essentially an advanced methods course that will build on what I learned in General Parasitology a few years ago.

As I achieved sufficient caffeination (is this even a word?), I went over to a friend's house last night, then we headed out for dinner and drinks at our favourite Mexican restaurant in Virginia Beach. The margaritas were much stronger than usual, so I limited myself to just one, mainly due to not wanting to suffer through today's research with a hangover. I've done this once before and vowed never to do so again. And besides, the Virginia Beach Police were out in full force on Shore Drive as they typically are on weekends. All the more reason to be mindful of alcohol consumption.

As for the remainder of the day.....ehhhh....really haven't decided yet. I need to do some cleaning and will cook something for dinner a bit later on. But as for now, it's a strong coffee, a cigarette, and few minutes on Blogger.


Kim said...

parasites...neato....sounds interesting...

Jeep03 said...

Parasitology is a very interesting field of inquiry....once you get past the "ewwwwww" factor. One of the coolest aspects of the field is the array of remarkable, novel evolutionary adaptations of parasites to, in many cases, very specific hosts. It certainly brings into play the classic quote "nothing in biology makes sense except in the context of evoluation" (or at least something to this effect).