Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Blog: One Year Later

Whilst perusing through my old posts, it occurred to me that I've had this blog now for just over a year. Certainly doesn't seem that long. For the most part the blog experiment has been a positive thing and I've met some interesting people online along the way. Blogging certainly hasn't replaced my very old habit of a keeping a hand-written journal, but it has nonetheless added a unique dimension to the whole process of self-expression.

And most importantly, it's a lot of fun.

Perhaps I have not been as revealingly candid as most (OK...maybe some) bloggers tend to be, but that's just my personality. Whether posting on here or associating with coworkers and some groups of friends, I tend to be somewhat elusive (for better or for worse) and usually compartmentalize the various aspects of my life. Work, academics, friends, and my personal time are separate categories and only in the rarest of circumstances do the boundaries between them blur. But as I touch on all of these various aspects in my assorted ramblings, perhaps this blog slightly blurs the boundaries and offers a snapshot (albeit a somewhat generalized one) as I follow the uncharted road of life to whatever end.


Kim said...

It almost sounds like you're going to quit. I hope not.

wanting said...

that's why no one knows who i am. AND how i can be so....forward. My blog has helped me immensely...

Jeep03 said...

Kim: Nahhh, not going to quit any time soon. Again, the blog experience is just too much fun.

Wanting: I couldnt be THAT foward in my blog if I tried. LOL

freddy said...

Happy Anniversary Old Friend!!!

It is nice to drop in on you every now and then... it's almost as if we're sitting at Starbucks on Colley catching up on things.

Your posts make me smile. Keep them coming!