Monday, August 15, 2005


I must be crazy tonight, or the vicitim of too much coffee. Depsite the late hour and early day tomorrow, I decided to try out a new French bread recipe that I discovered tonight whilst presusing cookbooks in preparation for a friends dinner party/houswarming this weekend. The dough has just begun it's first hour of rising and if the process stays on schedule, I'll be finished up sometime around midnight, or slightly later.

What on earth possessed me to start such a lenghty process this late, I'll never know. And NO I haven't been watching Martha Stewart Living again (is this even still on?). I don't have cable, nor can I get regular reception on my TV. So there!

The last time I actually watched television was when I was in Las Vegas back in April (Me: "Oooo. So many channels!") and the time before that was when I was in Thailand back in January (Me: "Oooo. So many channels! And I can't understand a word of what they're saying."). Sure I have a VCR and a DVD player, but even that is limited to the occasional movie. I am out of the loop on so many things and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to bring myself out of the eighteenth century one of these days.

Heck, I don't even have a microwave. This was an intentional choice on my part. When I moved into a new (but very unfurnished) apartment back in 2002, a friend made the point that one simply cannot live without a microwave. I begged to differ and thus began the experiment of microwave-free living which continues to this day.

But even without a microwave, a little modernization wouldn't hurt. I finally got around to getting a cell phone this year, so that's a first step.


Kim said...

Martha Stewart? the way...I'll be glad to try that bread for ya...

Jeep03 said...

The bread turned out very well, so it was worth staying up puttering about in the kitchen so damn late. Paid for it today though. So very sleepy at work. Zzzzzzzzzzz