Friday, August 12, 2005

Old Lady Carts and the Weekend

I didn't see any mangled bike or bodies on the way home from the office, so it was an uneventful drive. And most importantly, I got a good parking spot RIGHT in front of my building. This is a rare event. The parking situation is the one thing I dislike the most about living where I do. It's all side street parking here and I have to compete with Starbucks customers and others who frequent the assorted shops and restaurants here in Ghent. Typically I have to park a block or two away which makes things like grocery buying a real pain. More than once I've entertained the thought of buying one of those little folding carts that old ladies use to haul their groceries around, but have always opted against it as such a contrivance would certainly start rumors and deduct what few "coolness points" I may (or may not) have.

I am in a good mood this afternoon. The work week ended on a high note and I have nothing on the agenda for the weekend other than a little research tomorrow afternoon and Sunday morning. As I sit here in my study, I can see dark clouds gathering and hear thunder rumbling off in the distance. A late afternoon thunderstorm would be a good thing as it would break the oppressive heat and humidity we've endured today.

I'm so looking foward to crisp fall days.

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